Chubby Carrière and the Bayou Swamp Band

Every south Louisiana native has a recipe for gumbo, the state’s signature hearty stew. All cooks share the dish’s basic ingredients, but each cook throws a little dash of this and a little dash of that from their personal stash of seasonings and spice, to make it “their” gumbo. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band serve up the zydeco gumbo. Mixing the traditional accordion and washboard farmhouse porch boogie of the Cajun prairie with dashes of 70s funk, the spices of classic R&B, and refreshing, swampy twists on classic songs as only authentic Louisiana ambassadors can do. The master zydeco chef and Louisiana’s favorite emcee, Chubby, will say “there ain’t no party like a Chubby party” several times from the stage. That’s Grammy award-winning zydeco speak for “y’all better hope you wore your dancing shoes.”

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