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  • Return of the Creole (2011)

    Jeffery Broussard
    • $12.98
    Return of the Creole (2011)

    Pound for pound, Jeffery Broussard is the most talented zydeco accordion player around. The ever-growing field of zydeco players is wide and deep, filled with able contenders and misguided pretenders who end a dance playing the same three notes they started with four hours earlier. Few can attack their instrument with the ferocity, style, diversity and technical gifts of Jeffery Broussard. An accordion in Broussard's hand is a flowing river of chords, octaves, blends, triplets and surprises. All of which shines through on this project, Return of the Creole. Released in January 2011, 15 tracks.

    1. Tante Nana
    2. Allons a Lafayette
    3. I Love Big Fat Women
    4. Return of the Creole (instrumental)
    5. Tu connaitre ca fait mal
    6. Pinky’s Heavenly Waltz (instrumental)
    7. Prier pour moi
    8. Old Carpenters Waltz
    9. Madeleine
    10. (Don’t Pass Ya Hand on Dat…) Make It Hot
    11. Zydeco Coteau
    12. Hard to Stop
    13. Last Dance Waltz
    14. Ole Blue
    15. Bring It on Home to Me